Friday, October 27, 2017

Popcorn tins for Sports Fanatics + Giveaway


Hi everyone, I am back with another interesting gift to add to your possible shopping list for Christmas. Or it doesn't have to be for Christmas. Most moms have sports fanatics in their homes. So why not buy them something with their favorite sports team on it? Plus it comes with yummy treat inside!

I partnered up again with Gourmet Gift Baskets to show off one of their new items. It's a popcorn tin, with three delicious flavors of popcorn inside a collectible tin with your choice of team on it. I find that it is the perfect size to last a while plus the tin is very well made with vivid colors. My popcorn tin had Kettle corn, Caramel and cheddar. I just can't get over how very much I love this product from Gourmet Gift Baskets. They never do disappoint me with any of their items.

Now on to the best part. I get to host a Giveaway to win one a sports tin of your choice. Please be advised that I will be needing your information to pass along to the company for shipping purposes. Also Facebook and other social media are not affiliated with this giveaway.

Sports Team Popcorn Tin

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

15 & Me Selfie Search


I just love gift baskets, don't you?! I partnered up with Gourmet Gift baskets to tell you about their giveaway for being in business for 15 years. They provided me a lovely basket for my time. So all thoughts and opinions of my basket is strictly my own.

I was sent a new unique item they have up for this time of year. It's a seasonal beer basket. Handful of mouth watering snacks that the flavors go well with the beer. The beers are very wonderful. Most are only made for this time of year to be sent off for Oktoberfest. You get six bottles in total in a very nice bucket secured in place. I find that this is perfect for football season or maybe for the brew man in your life who enjoys a high quality beer. Launches National "15 & Me Selfie Search" 

Online Gifting Company Kicks Off 15th Birthday Countdown, Offering Consumers 17 Ways To Win 

EXETER, N.H., Sept. 20, 2017 -- One of the top U.S. online gifting companies is celebrating its first 15 years of business in a fun, unique way, shining the spotlight on the countless customers who have contributed to this major milestone. At 11:15 a.m. (ET) today, "'s 15 & Me Selfie Search" will launch, offering more than $2,000 in prizes.

The $22 million ecommerce company, which provides hundreds of upscale gourmet gifting options, will turn 15 on November 15th. The selfie search invites everyone to join the countdown to this big birthday by posting selfies with the number 15 in them on the company's Facebook or Instagram pages. All posts must be family-friendly and should contain the hashtag #GGBTurns15.

The "15" can appear on nearly anything -- a cake, sign, house, T-shirt, or even printed on paper. Contestants can post as many different shots as they'd like, as well, since all posts count. All entrants will vie for one of 17 exciting prizes. 

The contestant with the most creative entry will win first prize – a whopping $1,500 worth of upscale goodies! These could include elaborate gourmet baskets, towers, cookie cakes, and many more WOW-inspiring gifts. 

The entrant with the highest number of posts will win second prize -- a three-month membership in the Monthly Cheesecake Club, receiving a different cheesecake flavor each month. 

Finally, 15 third-place winners will be chosen randomly to receive one-gallon tins of handcrafted gourmet popcorn, since offers nearly 100 popcorn flavors from sweet to savory. 

"As a company that's all about life's celebrations, we wanted to approach this major milestone by offering consumers something fun, different and rewarding," said Vice President of Sales and Marketing Jason Bergeron. "We can't wait to see all of the selfies from our many loyal customers – and future ones, too."

The search runs until 11:15 p.m. (ET) on November 15th. Soon afterward, winners will be announced and prizes will be distributed. 
To enter, go to the special contest page, or follow instructions on the Facebook or Instagram pages. Updates will be available on the contest page and social media channels as the selfie search gains national momentum. 

Friday, September 29, 2017

Fruit of the Loom teams up


They are partnering with video series creator, Action Movie Kid to show how parents can never be too prepared when it comes to their kids... DreamWorks animator Daniel Hashimoto is behind the video series that has been developed into a children’s book and movie that is currently in the works. In Hashi’s videos, he turns his son into a superhero who gets carried away with his imagination while fighting monsters, aliens and robots.

Hashi created a special video for Fruit of the Loom to show how handy an extra pair of underwear can be. Fruit of the Loom’s bonus pack with boys’ and girls’ underwear comes with extra pairs…just in case.