Monday, February 16, 2015

Review of Day by Day Facial blotting sheets.

Are you the type of woman that tends to have a smear of eye liner happening or tend to have a bit of oily skin? Then this is definitely the product for you. You get 100 sheets in just one pack! The pack is very conveniently sized so it can fit in your purse, cosmetic bag or wherever you need to get to fast. These sheets are great to blot your nose to rid it of oils that happen so often. Or I have found it is great to use for riding yourself eyeliner smears. Just the look of the packaging itself is really eye catching. I was really surprised with the fact of how easy it was use, I assumed the sheets would be super big but I was wrong.

So if you need something quick and easy and reliable, then Day by Day sheets are the way to go.

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