Monday, December 1, 2014

What is Motherhood...

Being a mom is something special and powerful. We will love our children til the end of time. We are nurturing and caring also nurse every other day. We will put ourselves last any day just to ensure our kids have what they need. There are times when we are down to fumes of energy but we still find that last bit of strength to push through our problems. Our children are what gets us up each morning. Sometimes we may be so sick that we can barely move but we find that we are still able to do what is needed. A mother's love is unconditional, unbreakable and never ending. We would gladly trade places with our child any day just so they do not suffer from sickness or pain.


  1. I am a work from home dad ( I have a little boy who is 2, and a little girl that is 1. Don't walk away just yet. I have another new addition on the way in June 2015! I do everything and anything for my kids. I have nightmares sometimes of losing them! I wake up scared to death. I had to curl up and sleep with my son that night.

    I am an "Introvert" so I do not get out much. I can not imagine a life without them though. I am not ready for them to get any older yet!

  2. This is the truth! I know I have days to where I just want a break from it all but I still push through and when tomorrow arrives it's a better day.