Thursday, June 4, 2015

Natural Way Organics Review

I am the type of person who has a huge pile of cleaning products. Pretty much it can be narrowed down to certain items for each room. After everything is said and done though, I stop and think about the harshness. As parents we want what is the best and safe for our home and family. That is why I feel it is important to find a cleaner that can be used around the whole house. Stop and think for a moment, do you want to put a harsh chemical anywhere near where your family eats or touches? I didn't think so. That is why I wanted to tell you about a product called Miracle Spray.

The Miracle Spray is by a company called Natural Way Organics. It is a great company that has plenty to offer. This cleaner is made with completely safe ingredients. It has essential oils like tea tree and something called castile soap. Castile soap has been used for generations, just ask any person who makes things from home. You can use this cleaner anywhere in the home. So far I have been mainly using it in the kitchen and on my daughter's high chair. I do not want any harsh chemicals mixed with her foods that she eats. Today I had another use for it. I accidentally knocked over my husband's (dare I say it without shuttering...his spit cup from his tobacco). After the gross oh my gosh response, I ran and grabbed my trusty Miracle Spray and sprayed it onto the stain. With a couple of wipes of a damp towel the stain was gone! I highly recommend you check this company out and see what I am talking about.

* I received this product for free for my honest

and unbiased review*

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