Monday, February 8, 2016

Dinner for two at Mellow Mushroom!

Bf's driving was crazy
For the longest time I have heard great things about Mellow Mushroom from friends. So when I was given the chance for myself and my significant other to go try it, I was all for it! We arrived on a Friday to find it jammed packed and very busy. Unfortunately we had to wait quite some time to be seated. We assumed that since it was just us two we would be seated much faster. Finally after being paged that our seats were ready, I was enjoying the atmosphere as we walked through. The decor was very hippy and laid back with a bit of fun. Perfect atmosphere for the whole family or just a nice date for two. I really loved being able to see the kitchen and watching them make the pizzas as they flipped the dough in the air. The staff was super cool and very knowledgeable.

We placed our order and not to much later we got our appetizer of garlic bread! The menu was very nicely laid out many options to choose from. Whether you want a juicy burger or pizza they have you covered. Now I am not saying that I hate the place because it was pretty awesome. But....we had to wait a really long time for just our two calzones. It seemed that the pizzas were coming out much faster. People who came in after we did got their food before us. Eventually our waitress informed us that there would be somewhat of a wait on our food. Finally we received our order but they had gotten mine wrong but made it right. They comped my half of the meal. I was very appreciated of that. 

The food was super tasty and plenty to take home for a late night snack! Although we did not order any cocktails or dessert they had plenty to choose from that also. Other then the wait time, we really enjoyed our visit and will go again soon. We will probably just go another night other then a Friday.

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