Thursday, April 28, 2016

"Cards for Brianna" book overview

If you are a book worm like myself, then you will love this. This book "Cards for Brianna" touched my heart and I could truly feel what the mother who wrote this felt. Dedicated for her her daughter and husband its full of emotion.

"Cards for Brianna"  is a real life story of a young mom who was diagnosed with breast cancer. She walks you through chapter by chapter of snapshots of photos and everyday life. She discovers that with little time left she wants to leave a imprint in her daughters on going life. Whether her daughter faced a break up or for her 21st bday there would be a special card for her to read.

I love how you feel what she feels. She gives you laughter about what most people would see sadness.  When she was down and out she still found a way to push through to leave behind something for her daughter.

My mission for my readers, take time out from your life. Write a letter or a card like I did to someone you know. Uplift them and let them know how much you care. Sometimes the simplest thing leaves a ongoing effect on people. I wrote a card to my boyfriend who I love dearly. My best friend of 6 years and has always been there.

Another thing to know about the book is:

A portion of the proceeds from first-month sales will benefit METAvivor, a non-profit, volunteer-run organization that funds research for metastatic cancer.

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