Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Mom's secret weapon to the aches

How often do you do to chase after your lil ones and get that ache? It happens quite a bit for me. Whether my lower back is hurting or some other pain, I need relief! Often I prefer a better alternative then pills. Finally I have struck the gold mine.

This line of product called Salonpas Pain Relieving Patchs is awesome! The first and only FDA approved OTC pain patch. Each patch is individually wrapped so you get your moneys worth. It has a nice cooling sensation with a menthol smell. The patches come in a range of sizes depending on the location of where you need them. For instance, my boyfriend has quite a bit of shoulder pain from work so he mostly chooses a large patch. For his knees he uses the smaller ones. The patches have been so helpful for my back. If you prefer to use items that do not stick to you, they have a spray and gel. My boyfriend swears by the gel when he uses it for his feet. After him working 12 hours he uses that. This brand has much to offer for different products. I highly recommend Salonpas.


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