Friday, March 14, 2014

My daughter's sleep study

My daughter ended up having a sleep study done last night. That was very interesting to watch and experience. For only being 4 years old, she did very well being hooked up with all those wires. Of course with her being the patient, she got the queen size bed and i was stuck with the twin.

I have realized that she is a very restless person at night. She thrashed and moaned. So of course the sleep tech was running in and out of our room every few hours fixing the wires....which means i was getting hardly any sleep. After all was said and done she made it through the night. Very proud of her, not many kids could have done it.

The reason behind her having the study, was because of her adhd. A neurologist she seen said studies have shown that kids with adhd are very likely to have sleep problems. So if you live around the area i do, I highly recommend Sleep Well in Huntersville, nc. Very professional and polite. Plus the tech was very nice to my daughter.

sleep study and ADHD info

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