Monday, March 3, 2014

Now that I have some time on my hands!

ImageI finally have some time on my hands to sit down and write about the opportunity I had placed before me.  I'm always looking for giveaways and product testing ideas, so that I can share them with you. A few weeks back, I received a email about the chance to either product test or do a giveaway on my blog. The best part about the whole thing was that it was on a product that relates to what my blog is about!

The first thing I recently got to try was a app designed for kids ages 2-6 years of age. You can download it for your iPhone or your android smartphone. The app is based on a story line of animated cars and animals which is called Heroes of the City. I downloaded it to my android which was quite easy. But word to the wise it's somewhat of a large file so you will need to either have a unlimited data plan or be connected to wifi so you don't use to much data. Once downloaded, I pulled the app up and it was very easy on the eyes, very colorful. I really see this as something any child would love to use.


It has lots of movie episodes that the child can view, which I'm sure any parent would glad to have when they want to keep their child occupied. Plus there is many games your child can play and earn trophies. I highly recommend this app to any parent or caretaker for children! I give this app a two thumbs up. 



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