Saturday, November 1, 2014

Rained out Halloween....

Well....we were hoping for a nice night of trick or treating but mother nature had something else in mind. So I fed the girls a quick and easy supper then proceeded to get them into costumes. Both girls were excited and dancing around the room. Kaylan my little lady bug kept her antennas on for maybe part of the trip. So like I was saying we headed off to our favorite spot to get mounds of candy. Got there right when houses were starting to turn porch lights on. Which gave me plenty of time to run down the rules with Meghan. The rules are as followed 1. Stay with me 2. you only take what they give you, don't get stingy 3.I repeat stay with me! 4. stay off the grass.

Finally we got the stroller out and headed off on our merry way. Sadly we made it to our 8th house I felt sprinkles. Im thinking oh crap we have got to turn around now and power walk back to the vehicle which is a good walk back. Yes it was only sprinkling but it was cold and I knew that it was about to be a downpour. Needless to say as we made it back to the Tahoe, the rain was picking up a little more. Meghan was fine but Kaylan was not happy that she was being removed from happy time in the dark to getting stuck back in a car seat. By the time we dodged mindless parents who was just not wanting to move out of the road and out of the neighborhood it was pouring! I think out of both kids, I was the most disappointed. I really wanted a huge hall of candy for my own guilty pleasure lol.

How was your Halloween? Any good stories? Please feel free to comment below.

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