Friday, December 19, 2014

Instanatural Eye Serum Review

I received these two items for product testing and I must say I really have enjoyed using these so far. It will take a few weeks of consecutive use to see improvement, but I am up for the challenge. Both of these Instanatural Eye products help with puffiness, aging, dark circles. They are very easy to apply. Either one can be used twice a day, morning and night. Me personally I like rotating between the two. In the morning I like using the eye gel by just putting a small amount on to my finger tip and applying to my lower eye starting from the inside to the out. Plus you can use it on your forehead to for aging prevention. It does somewhat feel a little sticky if you put to much on. The bottle for the eye gel has a nice pump so, all I need to do is pump one time for usage.
The Instanatural eye serum is really nice also. I was a bit concerned because the color is really bright orange. But after using just a small drop and dabbed in like the directions said it blended in and left no stains. Plus it has a amazing citrus smell with natural plant extracts in it. I use the serum for a night when I go to bed. I have noticed a slight change so far with my dark circles. With me being a mom of three girls on the go always, I tend to stay tired and get either bags, swelling, or darkness around my eyes.
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