Sunday, May 3, 2015

Guest Post Sunday

Take the Kids to a movie for some bonding time!

We all know how important it is for parents and kids to spend time together; it helps strengthen their relationships, build confidence, and outright makes the whole family happy. Now, while this is all fairly common knowledge, not every parent knows how to go about doing it.  There are simple things, like going on bike rides, swimming, or even building a treehouse if the circumstances allow it. But, what if you just want to relax? There are relaxing things to do as well! Why not head on up to your local movie theater to check out what family-oriented movies they’re currently showing. I know that the movie Home is very family friendly. It’s about a human girl and an alien who share a mutual distrust for one another, however that distrust fades throughout the movie and they find out they share a common goal. Sounds simple enough, right?
Now you do not necessarily have to watch this movie the point is watching something everyone will enjoy. The kids will enjoy the animation and silly characters and you will enjoy spending time with the kids without all those sticky messes or busy body activities.
No matter what movie you go to see be sure to make sure it's one the kids want to see, and won't cause you to pull out your hair with annoying songs or characters.

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