Saturday, May 2, 2015

A trip to the zoo

Last year I wanted to take my family somewhere that's fun but educational. So I decided to take them to the NC Zoo last year. Luckily it was not to far of a drive from where I lived. When we made it there I was really hoping that the kids would like it. I have never been to the zoo before so deep down I was just as excited as the kids.

Once making it through the gate to find a parking space, I soon realized this was going to be a pain. I thought sure as the world getting there early we could find a decent park. We managed to find a park, got out and coated everyone down in sunscreen and put my youngest daughter in her stroller.  Oh, just for a side note for parents (Bring a stroller!).  Although the zoo has strollers to rent, it's best to just bring your own because they may be rented out.

After making the journey through the parking lot, we made it to the building. I was highly impressed with the atmosphere. Everything was well taken care of, no trash and plenty to see.
The admission was fairly cheap which made everything even better. The map was super easy to read and let you know where the train was to ride to get back to where you needed.  We had a super time at the zoo looking at all different kinds of animals. I posted a few pictures to show the beautiful exhibits. We had a marvelous time there but I advise also to bring water bottles and snacks. The food stands were way too expensive! Never in my life was I planning to pay a crazy amount for a bottle of freaking water! Other then the prices of food and drink, it was a great time. Plenty to see and lots of shade. We are planning another trip back to the zoo soon and want to visit others


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