Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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Hi guys! When we were all little, we dreamt of getting married, having kids and being the best parents in the world. Now we are married, we have kids but that dream of being the best parent isn’t working because we can’t connect to our kids, so we keep on getting into fights, quarrels and lots of issues with them.
Now you keep wondering why I can’t connect to my child or why have I lost connection with my child? Is my baby aware of how much I love him? What does my child see me as? The question list keeps going on and on and on. And you keep wondering if your sour relationship with your child can be sweet.
So as a parent child relationship expert, I will outline and give you steps and guidelines to rekindle that love in your child’s heart for you.
So for those that once had the love and fire burning in their parenting relationship or those that never had it, this is for you. First of all, you have to:-
  1. Identify the source of the problem, because its only when you identify the problem, you can provide solution therefore you must ask yourself why? How did the love and sweetness all go away? There could be many causes, probably you listened to bad advice from friends and lost it or along the line, you stopped studying your child and you couldn’t really understand him/her because the child is growing and a lot of things change when kids grow from adolescent to teenagers and young adults. At times it’s impossible to identify the problem, so what next?
  2. Strong communication skills is next .You’ve got to talk to your child a lot, even when he or she is not ready to communicate ,you have to communicate cause in every relationship, communication is the key. If your child doesn’t say good morning, say good morning. If he/she doesn’t reply, keep saying it and be consistent. You’re not trying to prove you’re the elder instead you’re setting an example that will be forever useful to your child. Never think this is belittling you .It isn’t, instead it’s elevating you and your child will respect you more. Trust me even though he/she is not responding yet doesn’t mean he/she isn’t feeling it .With time and your consistency, you’ll get the best results. Try not to talk about yourself, study him/her. Take him/her to the movies, buy tickets for a movie he/she likes. Study your child so you’ll know what he/she likes and when the gist is getting boring.
  3. Friendship is next and is necessary to maintain that love, communication and trust, cut down on rules. Stop being boss and start being a partner. Make your child your bestie and confider and he/she will do same. Pray, love, cherish, correct with love.BE open and honest.
This will be all for now. If you’re a child and you are reading this and you see all the efforts your parents are putting in to love you, cooperate with them because life is too short for grievances, quarrels and fights. You might wake up the next morning and never see them again. Do you want to leave in regret when they are gone? .What will be your story, what memories will you have to pass down to your kids and generation? Make the most out of your family love, create memories now while you can and if you have parents that don’t care .Apply this tips to them too, I know you love them.

You can always reach me via my mail or on IG @ aiddie-peter or on FB @Q aide amba with your questions or comments .I wish y’all all the best with your family relationships Mmmuah‼

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