Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dyson V6 Slim

I have so needed a new vacuum for quite some time. With 3 girls who are constantly in and out through the house, I need it. But I also wanted something that was not going to take up a lot of space. Something that was actually going to clean up the floor. That is exactly why I was jumping for joy when I got chosen to review the Dyson V6 Slim. Holy cow this is the ideal vacuum for a apartment. It does not take up any space at all and there are no cords to deal with. It comes with a mount that you can put on the wall for docking to charge. Charges up really fast and holds a 20 minute charge. It may not sound like a lot but when you live in a small apartment like a one bedroom or two, this is ideal! 

It has amazing cleaning power and my carpets have never looked so good. Two modes to choose from depending on the cleaning power you need. When turning it on, all you have to do is hold the trigger. Then to turn it off just release the trigger. I find that this is so helpful when I am having to move around the house. Oh not to mention that this does not weigh much at all. I love that it is light and I can move it effortlessly up and down the stairs. It has attachments for furniture to get up all those lost cookie pieces lol. The head of it pivots to get in to areas that are hard. Few other helpful features is that there is no bags to buy and you can reuse the filters.

I can honestly say that my husband and I fight to use the Dyson. We both rate it with two thumbs up. 

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