Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Visit to Hollywood Wax Museum

If you are in the Myrtle Beach, SC area you should stop by the Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center. I was given the chance to visit there and I do not regret it! There is 3 attractions in the building and each one is so much fun. The wax museum has something to offer for each member of the family. The three attractions are the Wax Museum, Outbreak (zombies) also the hall of mirrors.

The Wax part was really neat  and was full of detail! So many celebrities to see and also known characters in movies. Each celebrity is just like the real person, it looks like they could just walk right out on their own. A fun part of the museum is that they have props set up where you can take really fun pictures. In my pictures below you will see some of the celebrities they have in the museum. This is suited for all ages and one part of the the area is for the creepy characters of movies. So just a heads up if you do not want the youngsters walking through that corner. Once you make your way through the museum part you come out at the gift shop. If you purchased to see all three attractions then take the elevator down to the basement. 

The basement floor has the Zombie Outbreak and Hall of Mirrors exhibit. Be fair warned that the Outbreak is not suitable for little kids. It was very scary even though nothing touches you. You walk through in dim light with zombies hollering and banging and there is darkness and such. My poor husband and I were screaming like little girls almost all the way through. I can say that I could have peed all over myself as spooky as it was, my heart was racing when I got out. You will not be let down on the exhibit if your looking for a thrill.

Hall of Mirrors was next on our list. This was a lot of fun to walk through! The kids can even go through this. A fun maze of mirrors to try and find your way through to get out. Oh and at anytime you have had enough on any of the exhibits they have exits you can take. The beginning of the Hall of Mirrors exhibit was a bit much for me with the optical illusion of stars and stuff. So just be prepared to get a bit dizzy but it is so worth it! 


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