Wednesday, August 26, 2015

GlobeIn: August Subscription Box – Laundry

Whether you are sending your child off to college or looking for something for yourself to use at home, you will be pleased. As most moms out there, we want to find the most affordable items that will also save us money in the long run. That is why you should check out the GlobeIn August Subscription Box. This one is for laundry, which is something we all have to deal with. For the August box it is 3 handcrafted laundry balls that are made of wool. You place them into the dryer with your clothes instead of using your normal dryer sheets. They soften your clothes and prevent static. I can honestly say I was a bit skeptic at first of them. But after the first load with them, my clothes came out just how I wanted them. It cuts down your heating time also. Which means a lower power bill because of less use of dryer! Although they do not come scented you can place a few drops of a essential oil on them to add a bit of scent like dryer sheets do.

Another good thing to add about this product is it is a green product. Meaning, it is better for the environment! Less waste because there isn't litter from all the dryer sheets. So mom, do yourself or your college student a favor and get this subscription box. Just think of the money you can save by not having to buy dryer sheets.


GlobeIn-"globe in a box" is a monthly subscription of artisan made products from around the world, which additionally offers direct shopping to some of the finest hand-made Fair Trade products in all categories. 

The box includes a curated selection of Laundry essentials, including​  Wool Dryer Balls, ($15, for a set of 3), created by the Altyn Kol Women's Cooperative in Kyrgyzstan, where wool is a way of life. Many of the women began crafting with wool to make shyrdaks, a traditional felt carpet. GlobeIn decided to ​approach the cooperative with a new wool challenge—dryer balls, loved by many Westerners as an alternative to chemical-laden dryer sheets.  The women, most having never used a dryer before, marveled at the balls, and took great pride in the new crafting challenge. 

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