Saturday, September 12, 2015

Kandoo Hair detangler

Are tired of hearing your kids scream and then see then run away while trying to tame their mane? If you are shaking your head while reading this then maybe you should check out Kandoo Hair Detangler it's Salon Quality! It smells amazing and works like a dream on my girl's tangled hair. Spray throughout their hair and start working from the ends to the base of the head and the knots and rats nest are out of there! Best features of the Kandoo Hair Detangler is it's ability to remove the knots, scent and safety button on on handle. We all have those kids who cant resist to spray something out of a bottle and end up messing or spilling it out. That is why they have a nice locking mechanism on the spray handle to keep it from spraying until the button is pushed to unlock. The bottle is super cute and very eye catching. The Kandoo brand is a great brand that has many products to choose from. I recommend you give this a try.

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