Sunday, November 1, 2015

New Inspirational Read

If you are like me and are often at times at the Dr or waiting in line somewhere, then you should get this book. It is called "Riding" and its a wonderful and inspirational read. It is based off of the Olympics and Cycling. So I find that this would be a great gift for that athlete in the family that needs some motivation and drive. It gives you a uplift in your spirits as you read. There is love and adventure and places that you would dream of going. It literally makes you feel and see what the characters are feeling. The chapters are short so in a way it makes you feel like you are reading someones journal. I loved this book, great way to pass the time. Below i will enclose some clip-pets of what others are saying about the book.

"The reader is faced with the story of a couple that works for the International Olympic Committee, traveling the world organizing the details of the games, and that at a certain point have a son, who comes to be known as AndrĂ©. In this moment, the life of the wife Elizabeth takes a turn and her life is completely transformed. Her husband, Mario, keeps on working for the COI, and seeks to provide his son an education that will turn him into an international citizen with conscience and the ability to think for himself. Despite the distance, the family unit and the importance of bonds between the family nucleus' members are quite emphasized throughout the plot. 

Despite basing itself on the journey of an athlete that seeks his objectives, "Riding" is not merely a story about cycling. It goes much further. 

The lessons taught of self-improvement, commitment and focus are a full plate to the people who search for inspiration in their lives."


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