Friday, July 15, 2016

Back to School in Style

It's almost time to send your children back to school. Which means you are gearing up now for shopping! Rest assure I know exactly how you feel with finding all the supplies that your child needs. So why not make it fun and send your Kindergartner to school with a stylish bag! The Stationery Studio, has everything you need. Their kinderbag is beautifully made with great material and lightweight.  The stitching and custom embroidery is impeccable and it stands out. It make things so much easier for your young one to bring home important papers. Have no fear, they also make a boy style bag. I really adore the bag and how cute the design is. I had one made for my niece and my daughter with their names on each one. The pricing is just what I would expect for a bag made of this quality to.

Another item I would love to tell you about is the notepads. With having children in school, there will be notes sent for absences and such. Why not have a notepad that is customized to you? The Stationery Studio offers you choices of notepads to choose from. You can have your name at the top and all of your children listed on it. That way you can check the box next to your child that the note is intended for. There are also choices to have pictures on the tops of the stationery. The site is super easy to use and checkout process is a breeze. 

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