Saturday, July 2, 2016

Kids camps have started. Be Bug prepared!

Mom's lets face it, I know you are or have sent your child off to summer camp. Name one thing you dread about while they are there and what happens when you get home. If you grimaced and said Lice then you are right. We all hate it, now we know your child isnt filthy. Lice just climbs on to anything it comes in contact with and just makes things itchy and contagious.

I have the answer to all of your wildest dreams. A very safe and better way to prevent lice with shampoo and conditioner! There are no harmful chemicals so relax. It smells great too. So have your child washed up with these items and pack it to go to camp. Made with essential oils that work magic.  Super glad I was given some to review. Because its like the black plague at my house when it happens. No joke within the first month of school one of my 2 daughters get it from someone.

It's even gluten free and soy free and nutfree.

Now for the other item in the picture is the Bug Bandit. Great Deet free bug repelent to keep the blood suckers away. Once again this is a non toxic product. Feel free to click on one of the links to check out the rest of their items for: treating lice and also bed bugs!

All reviews are of my own on the free product I received for testing.

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