Monday, March 20, 2017

Encourage your child to learn about Emotions with "Moodsters".

Often at times, children realize they have a reaction to what is going on. However they do not understand them, because it just happens naturally. We should encourage them to learn about our moods and what kind of reaction we normally display when something happy, sad or even makes us mad happens. This way, we can encourage them to show how they feel. With this open line of communication we can better understand one another and grow from it. That is why I love this little Moodster kit I got for reviewing purposes.

Brightly colored and fun of helpful tips for you and your child. One kit has a Moodster buddy that comes with his own story book. Ours was based on Quigly, who is scared. You can press his belly and he says phrases of I'm scared or be brave and a few others. He is a darling shade of green and very soft to the touch. My four year old daughter loves him. The storybook has vivid pages with lots of things for you and your child to interact with.  There is also stickers for you to place on certain pages to complete puzzles and mazes. The whole book incorporates how we deal with being scared and what we can do. The other kit is a cute little notebook that has a spinner where she can show me how she is feeling. Inside are pages to read or draw on. Kit also comes with big crayons for those little hands.

I really enjoyed this product and so did my daughter. I find it is very educational and worth the purchase. All products are very well made and can be purchased here.

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