Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Just one of those days....

It has just been one of those days in the house. I did not get anything done in the house that I wanted to do or even decide something for supper. Ended up doing breakfast for supper lol. So anyways my second oldest daughter did not have a good day at school. She had a note sent home with her, first one so far of the school year. I did not get overly angry about it because there is always a story behind it. It seems that she and a friend got into it because the friend hit her so she hit back so she claims. Then when we got home and the girls were upstairs watching a movie my 2 year old got bored. She decided to become Picasso on my bathroom door with my favorite skintimate shave gel. Plus side at least the bathroom smells good. But my night did get better, got a good text message to lift my spirits.

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