Thursday, June 11, 2015

A moment to shake my head at Goodwill

I typically don't have much to say usually about the crazy things I see while shopping, but this just made me shake my head. A few days ago I was shopping at my local Goodwill to find my girls some summer clothes. While I was just browsing the aisle I overheard a mom and young girl raving over something on the shoe rack. I personally thought "OK nothing new". As I looked up the mom was pointing to some extremely high heeled boots and was saying I have a similar pair at home. Once again I was like ok big deal but then what the little girl and mom did just baffled me. The mom grabbed the boots off the shelf and handed them to her daughter to try on. The girl was only like 12 at most! The girl said "ooo mom are going to buy me a pair!?". The mom agreed if the shoes fit, which unfortunately they did.

I am personally shocked and outraged at this choice. There is a difference between little wedges and the high heeled boots. It is not ok in my book to let your daughter wear these things when she is so young. Children should be dressing to their age and not be parading around in outfits and shoes that would otherwise suggest they are older. It bothers me to see these young children prancing around in skimpy clothes and their bottoms hanging out! Problems arise when you just let your children dress and act however they think is "Cool". Children need to be children, not dressing like adults. Also this child could severely hurt herself if she was to fall in those heels. Am I the only one that sees the problem here with moms letting their daughters dress provocatively?

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