Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Vibrant Supplies from Debbie Lynn Inc.

Parents it is not to early to be thinking about school supplies for the new year. So why not add a bit of fun to your child's supplies. With Debbie Lynn Inc. there is so much to behold! Fun emoticon thumb tacks and thought bubble chalk boards to even silly nose shaped pencil sharpeners. Every item from this company is fun and colorful and just begs to be used. Each item is very affordable and you can find them online or at Five Below and other stores.

I was given a box full of really neat items to look over and give my opinion on. Every item that was in there is so neat. A few of the items that I really got a giggle over was the post a notes pad that was shaped like poo or the other ones that said crap. Each stationary item is just something to add to each adult or child's personality. Why not buy some for the teacher? I am sure they would love to have really cute thumb tacks that are eyes or bright colored liquid chalk pens. I am truly looking forward to putting these items in my girl's book bags for the the new school year.


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