Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Potty stop while traveling

Oh no, your traveling down the road on vacation and you hear a voice hollering. "Mom Potty Now!" from your little boy. Your first thought is where is the nearest stop but you know the bathrooms are filthy or especially it just can't wait another 10 miles. So what are you to do? All of the bottles you had are already thrown out and no one is willing to sacrifice their drink for the call of nature. Have no fear mom, the number one cup is to the rescue.

Very sturdy bottle with screw top lid and see through so you know what is in there. Plus it has a cute cross bone image on one side to let you know don't drink! Another feature is it came with 3 wet wipes for clean up. It is leak proof so have no fear of the urine getting anywhere. I really love this container, although I may not have any young boys in the family I do have my husband. He is the worst of having to make a stop on the go. We parents know that there is times that you just don't have a facility close by or even a clean one for that matter. Retails 14.95

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