Friday, August 28, 2015

Funny Toddler Tales

If your looking to add another book to your shelf to read then grab this one. "The sh!t no one tells you about Toddler". A very humorous book about what majority moms go through in the toddler stage. It's funny and packed full of real life stories and mishaps. The author is very funny and gives you a run down of all the things she has dealt with. I have enjoyed sitting down and reading this book because I caught myself many times laughing out loud. This is the guide to Surviving the Toddler Years.

Trust me after reading this, you will no longer feel like you are the only one. Whether it is the tantrums, the pouting or constantly hurting themselves, the guide covers it. Each chapter just keeps you laughing about what real life moms and the author have gone through. Even included is professionals to give their insight. So grab the book and read it for yourself or give it as a gift!

What people are saying:

"Frank and funny in her approach (the first chapter is entitled “You Suck at This”), she also deals soberly with such weighty matters as balancing work and family, reconciling parenting styles, and keeping marriages and partnerships together...Dais offers a commonsense yet comical view of the toddler years, which she wryly sums up as a “confusing cluster-f of a time.
—Publishers Weekly

“It's a perfect gift for expecting parents who have a good sense of humor and appreciate a frank, candid look at the ugly-yet-wonderful side of parenting.”
—Motherhood Moment

“Not only does it comfort me by informing me that my toddlers' alien behaviors are common and that I'm not alone, it provides a lot of comic relief, and it also provides a lot of great tips on how to address common challenges that many parents of toddlers face.”
—Hawaii Mom Blog

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