Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Get your Bento Box On!

Parents kids need a bit of variety in their lunch so why not try out the bento box idea. I received a book that is packed full of ideas that are super easy to follow that even the kids can help you make. Now if you haven't heard of bento boxes then you are in for a treat. To save some time for you click here and read about it. I am sure you will want to immediately buy this book and get your kids involved in super fun of creating and making lunch or any meal time extremely fun.

The book I received to review was called "Yummy Kawaii Bento" by Li Ming Lee. It is full of images to show you step by step and what the outcome looks like.  The first time I ever saw anything like bento boxes I thought that has to be super hard to do. How on earth do they make rice balls look like animals? Or what should I even put in the box. I assure you that each idea is full of color and fun that it will get your kids to eating healthier. It is hardback and each page is going in great detail of what tools you will need and what recipes to use that are included in the book. I am just amazed! So get your book and get creative. There is many ideas to make like sleeping kitties and penguins also a teddy bears!

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