Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Flair for your bathroom or kitchen

Is your kitchen or bathroom lacking a little flair to it? Then maybe you should check out ToiletTree's automatic soap dispenser. Not only can you put in your favorite hand soap, but you can also change it up and put lotion in it.  This is not connected with a cord but runs off of 4 double A batteries. I love how little space it takes up on my bathroom counter. Plus it looks really trendy. It comes with a easy to screw off lid to pour in your hand soap or lotion. There are also two buttons located on the top that you adjust to how much soap you want dispense. I absolutely love this dispenser. No germs to passed around and no mess! Makes it such much easier for wee ones to just stick their hand under and get the soap, instead of getting a mess everywhere. Not to mention would be great for the elderly too.


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