Sunday, November 13, 2016

Stomach Virus Strikes

Hey everyone, It has been quite some time since I last posted. Mostly it is my fault due to dealing with homework and teacher conferences. I am sure plenty of you can relate to that. However tonight I had a few things I needed to do I am! As most of you know, it is that time of year where the stomach virus is striking households all over the world. Out of everything that could possibly happen, that freaking virus shows up.

First it started with my seven year old not too long after she ate. I for sure thought it was just something she ate. It lasted all night, by the next day she was so wore out. Well fast forward to the next day. I get a phone call from my oldest daughters father. He said, "you know how you told me to keep a eye on her for virus symptoms?". I was like yeah. Well, from what he was saying is, she started vomiting. I tossed the idea out there that it was a coincidence and it was probably the salad had been bad. However, I told him just keep fluids in her and she will be fine. Well....after all the girls went down to bed that night, I get woken up about 3 am with my youngest vomiting. That's when I finally admitted to myself that the damn virus was in my house.

As of now, everyone is feeling better. The house has been disinfected with a butt load of Lysol. Hope everyone has wonderful night and drink lots of 100% grape juice to ward of the virus.

Oh and feel free to check out this handy website I found by clicking here.

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