Monday, July 3, 2017

Pool safety guide

It's easy to lose track of kids during a big holiday party, that's why I wanted to share pool safety tips to keep everyone safe this summer.

A child can accidentally drown in 20 seconds and unlike what you see in the movies, kids don't yell for help. That's why every pool party should have a designated water watcher while kids are in the pool, and layered safety barriers to keep kids out when parents aren't around.

Rules for water watchers:

Sit close to the edge of pool

Do a regular headcount of swimmers

Step in when play gets too wild

No texting, reading or watching videos

Don't leave the pool area without a replacement

Kids never want the party to end, which is why Life Saver Pool Fence also advocates installing multiple barriers to keep kids from entering the pool when parents aren't around. It's especially important for toddlers who don't understand the danger. 

Please check out these links for further information. Let's keep kids safe.

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