Thursday, April 16, 2015

Rising school lunch prices

Typically I don't get so frustrated with my school system. Of course it may not just be mine, could be yours to. But today I found out in our local newspaper that they were going to raise the school lunch prices next year by another 10 cent. I know many may look at this as nothing, but since my oldest daughter has been in school I have slowly watched it raise more and more. It is frustrating to all of us struggling parents. I mean come on, must of us already can barely afford it as it is. I feel that within a couple more years school lunches here will be 3.00! Me personally I think that is crazy. I agree that kids should be served healthy and delicious meals, but at what price? The reasoning they gave was to back one of the programs they had for the district. Yes it is a good cause, but by taking more from parents pockets to help a cause, will lead to even more parents to have to be on the program.

Parents are already having issues with schools serving disgusting food. I have seen the photos that have gone viral and I am disgusted! For the price we are paying now a days for food kids deserve better! If they bought from the local markets around here there would be a huge price cut. More fresh veggies and lean meats. There are plenty of farms around here that could benefit from the business. Just think of the benefits from buying locally. Helps the school and helps businesses. Maybe one day soon they will open their eyes and realize this.

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